Fanny is a bathroom buddy that fits under your toilet seat in 3 simple steps to give a luxurious hands-free cleaning. It eliminates the need for toilet paper by providing a pressurized water stream to wash away all the poo, residue, and bacteria that would normally be left behind when using dry paper to wipe.
Fanny does all the dirty work so you don’t have to get your hands filthy!

Do You See Why We Are So Excited?

There has never been another bidet that has only three steps for easy installation on any toilet seat! No plumbing and no electricity required.
A one of a kind bidet for a unique and powerful cleaning experience.

What Will Fanny Do For My Body?

Here’s a list of benefits you’ll begin to feel as you spray with your new bidet.

* Protects you from Hemorrhoids, Urinary Tract Infections, & Anal Fissures
* Eliminates “Pruritus Ani,” which is the scientific word for an itchy butthole
* Provides relief for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, & Colitis
* Eases bowel movements to help put an end to constipation
* Removes leftover residue to stop or heal rashes and infections
* Destroys all bacteria surrounding the anus and genitals
* Connects directly to a pure water source meaning no harsh chemicals such as the bleach and chlorine used in toilet paper manufacturing
* Prevents toilets from clogging by reducing toilet paper use
* Saves hundreds of dollars per year that would be spent on toilet paper
* Helps with both dryness and skin chafing
* Reduces any inflammation around the area
* Supports overall hygiene and sanitation

We Know You’ll Love It

Don’t waste anymore money on inferior quality toilet paper that leaves behind bacteria and residue when wiping. One spray from the bidet and you’ll feel what your bottom has been missing all along. It’s the first of its kind and brings a luxurious sensation to your bathroom that you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family.

Your Bidet Team
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