Q: Is it easy to install the bidet?

A: Yes, the bidet can be installed on any standard toilet seat in under 10 minutes with simple hand tools (if needed).

Q: Can I control the water pressure?

A: Yes, the Fanny Bidet Attachment allows you manually adjust the pressure to your liking.

Q: How clean will the bidet get me?

A: Very clean, water is the most natural and effective way to clean yourself. There will not be any residue like toilet paper leaves.

Q: Does the bidet require electricity?

A: No, there is no electrical work involved.

Q: Can children also use a bidet?

A: Absolutely, this is a safer alternative for children by preventing and healing rashes or infections. Parents also encourage using a bidet for potty-training.

Q: Will the bidet be safe for both men and women to use?

A: Yes, with the adjustable nozzle you can set the direction of the water to spray exactly where you want it to making it a perfect choice for both men and women.

Q: Are there any health benefits associated with bidets?

A: Yes, the use of a bidet instead of toilet paper can provide relief for those who suffer from: Crohn’s Disease, Hemorrhoids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Colitis.

Q: Can the bidet help prevent any health related conditions?

A: Yes, bidets can help prevent the following conditions: hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal itching, urinary tract infection, rashes, and even constipation.

Q: Will a bidet help with UTI?

A: Yes, using a bidet regularly can help prevent urinary tract infections by flushing out the bacteria that would normally remain. The fresh, clean feeling after using a bidet also has the added benefit of encouraging better health.

Q: Are bidets more sanitary than wet wipes?

A: Yes, using a bidet means you don’t have to use your hands to wipe preventing the risk of spreading germs and bacteria.  Wet wipes are also known to clog toilets.

Q: Can I adjust the direction that the water sprays? 

A: Yes, you can set the nozzle to spray exactly where you want it to for the perfect wash every time.

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