What’s a Fanny bidet you ask?

We’re glad you asked, our device is a one piece attachment that fits under your toilet seat to give your bottom a hands-free cleaning. Wash away all the residue and bacteria that would normally be left behind by wiping with toilet paper alone. One spray from the bidet and you’ll be able to feel the difference. 

3 Step Installation 

The Fanny bidet fits on all standard toilet without any plumbing or electricity required.
Simply unscrew the toilet seat, pop on the Fanny, connect to water supply, and that’s it! 
In 10 minutes you will be able to transform your toilet into a luxurious experience. 

Fanny Nozzle Structure

A. Retractable 
Nozzle automatically lowers when the Fanny bidet is in use and retracts back into its protected hideout to hygienically spray your butt the next time. 
B. Direction Control
Set the nozzle to any angel you desire for the perfect wash every time. You can adjust the direction to spray either the anus or genitals. 
C. Self-Cleaning
The Fanny Bidet nozzle cleans itself so you don’t have to! 
D. Seat Attachment
Fits perfect under your toilet seat to give you a helping hand so you don’t have to get yours dirty. 
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