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It was a great experience I enjoyed It

I love it and it's a very easy install. My wife installed it when I was at work.

Well it took forever to get here but it was worth the wait. It works great and I love it.

Simple install, love the product.

Nice product, works very well! Very easy to install and operate.

Nice product, works very well! Very easy to install and opera

Nice product, works very well

Works fine but existing bolts for mounting were a little short. Having trouble with it trying to shift sometimes.

Did you really ask me to send a photo using it? Good gawd.

I really like how these work and install, this is the second one we have purchased as we tried it first and decided we wanted one in both baths. I convinced my daughter to put one in her house too. But this time it didn't go in as well as the last one, every fitting decided to drip water as i would get another to stop leaking. Used the teflon tape provided and some actual plumbers putty to get it to seal up but now works fine. The second thing i noticed is the on the first the control feels like it has a detent that cliks at the off position this second one doesn't seem to have that. But for the most part the system works well, is easy to install and really saves on TP and that is good for a house with a septic system.

Excellent product. Easy to install!

i just had surgery on my right shoulder. i thought this was a great purchase to help with future movements. i did find one problem. never stand in front of it to make a test of the water flow and pressure. after drying the walls and floor i gave it a normal test. this test was much more successful. it worked to all the statements made by the manufacturer. i am ordering another one today for a Christmas present. talk about the dinner conversation piece.

I love it. The best idea I’ve had.

Works great but it would be nice if the water a little warmer.

No more shit on the sheets 😂

Works like a charm...

Wish I would have found this little gen a long time ago!


It is everything I could possible expect. Easy to install. I wish I owed the rights to it. It's a homerun. Thank you.

The problems we can solve with bamboo are endless. Almost everything we use or wear can be replaced with bamboo.

what i appreciate most is that you are making people aware of the alternatives they have to wiping with toilet paper in order to protect forests and wildlife, keep it up

Being able to purchase bidets and bamboo towels in the same place is genius. They go hand in hand.

Why do you need to sell this if you do have fanny Bidet?

Didn’t realize how much cleaner and healthier it makes me feel.

This is the Best!

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