Bamboo Towels 3-Pack

Sale price $12.99
Regular price $24.99
You Save 48%

Bamboo Towels 3-Pack

Sale price $12.99
Regular price $24.99
You Save 48%

Fanny Bamboo Towels is the perfect, most eco friendly way to dry off after using your new Fanny Classic Bidet.  Simply pat yourself dry after spraying your bottom clean.  Fanny Bamboo Towels are made from 100% feather soft bamboo fiber.  Comes in packs of 3.

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    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Reusable Fanny Bamboo Towels, NOT Tree Killing Toilet Paper!

    The unbleached, naturally anti-bacterial, eco-friendly and uber absorbent Fanny Bamboo Towels will leave you feeling dry and refreshed.

    The Fanny Bamboo Towels have quickly become a top selling consumer favorite due to its silky soft feel on your bottom.

    After the thrilling feeling of blasting your butt perfectly clean with your new Fanny Classic Bidet, you will enjoy the comforting sensation of patting yourself dry with the gentle touch of fabric made from sustainable bamboo.

    The New Fanny Bamboo Towels are the responsible, Earth friendly, and cost effective way to keep your bottom smooth and dry!

    Product Features

    Easy To Maintain - Simply add to your dark laundry to machine wash and tumble dry.
    Healthier Than Toilet Paper- Contains no bleach that can irritate your sensitive bottom and is made from naturally anti-bacterial bamboo.
    Extremely Absorbent- Just a quick pat on the bottom and you’re all done.

    Fanny Bamboo Towels is a great gift for yourself and your partner.

    Here’s Why:

    Bamboo helps the environment because it’s the fastest growing plant on Earth
    The towels are really soft
    You won’t clog your toilet with toilet paper
    Bamboo fabric is naturally anti-bacterial
    Fanny Bamboo Towels come in a reusable pack of 5

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 107 reviews

    The problems we can solve with bamboo are endless. Almost everything we use or wear can be replaced with bamboo.


    what i appreciate most is that you are making people aware of the alternatives they have to wiping with toilet paper in order to protect forests and wildlife, keep it up


    Being able to purchase bidets and bamboo towels in the same place is genius. They go hand in hand.


    This is the Best!


    We could save so many trees by switching to bamboo, they grow much faster than trees and are also much stronger, more companies need to start using bamboo instead so we can help the environment ASAP

    Frequenty Asked Questions

    What Our Customers Have to Say

    Are these bamboo towels machine washable?

    Yes, you can simply place them in the wash with your dark colored clothes.

    What are the benefits of bamboo towels?

    They are naturally anti-bacterial, eco-friendly, extremely soft, and super absorbent.

    Why is it better to use bamboo to wipe?

    It is sustainable, highly renewable, and has absolutely no bleach.

    How do the bamboo towels feel?

    They have an ultra smooth surface with a plush texture.

    Can I place these towels in the dryer?

    Yes, they are completely safe to tumble dry.

    Will I save money by investing in a pack of bamboo towels?

    Yes, you can eliminate the need for toilet paper by using a bidet and bamboo towels to dry off with.

    How long will these towels last for?

    Bamboo is much more durable than other fabrics, they can last for years without becoming worn out.

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