Fanny Classic Bidet

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Fanny Classic Bidet

Sale price $69.99
Regular price $103.95
You Save 33%

The Fanny Classic Bidet delivers a stream of fresh clean water power blasting away every minuscule, bacteria infested, spec of feces that toilet paper (and even wet wipes) can leave behind. The Fanny Classic Bidet is the Sanitary Solution that will keep you feeling fresh for hours!

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Reduce TP Use by 85%

Why Should You Get Your Fanny Classic Bidet Today?

Gives you better personal hygiene and a clean feeling that stays with you all day

Prevents itchy rashes, irritation and infections, and relieves the bleed and burn of hemorrhoids

Greatly reduces the negative impact you have on the environment

Saves you money because you're not flushing it down the toilet

Gives you better skin care and a more enjoyable bathroom experience

Reduces your plumbing problems and prevents clogs

What is Fanny Bidet?

If you've never used a bidet before, you don't know what you're missing. The closest feeling you can compare it to is to actually get a shower every time you poop. The Fanny Classic Bidet delivers a stream of fresh clean water power blasting away every minuscule, bacteria infested, spec of feces that toilet paper (and even wet wipes) can leave behind. The Fanny Classic Bidet is the Sanitary Solution that will keep you and your partner feeling fresh, GUARANTEED!

Simple DIY installation in just a few minutes
No electricity or batteries required
No plumber needed
Nozzle Cleans itself
Easy controller allows you to adjust the angle for a spray tailored to your tookus

The Healthy Choice

Most toilet paper (and even wet wipes) can contain chemicals from the bleaching process that can irritate your keister. Unknowingly, when you wipe your anis tends to pucker up because it's sensitive. This can create little wrinkles around your sphincter that entrap tiny poop particles.

And as you relax and move around throughout the day, the tiny pieces of dung begin to spread around your butthole and bacteria and germs begin to thrive.

YES! They're having a big ass party in your butt...

Fanny Classic Bidet will bust up that party... It provides a relaxing rinse that thoroughly washes every nook and cranny of your fanny so enjoy hours of shower freshness.

Shockingly Refreshing

No More Dingleberries Or Skidmarks.

Fanny Classic Bidet will spray away all of the crap (literally) that toilet paper leaves behind. So even if you're a Trekkie, (Star Trek fan reference), you don't want to be battling Klingons around Uranus (Star Trek pun).

But seriously, the Fanny Classic Bidet will help you reduce the chance of irritation rashes and infections.

People with chronic itchy, burning, and bleeding anus issues (due to Hemorrhoids and Fissures) joyously report complete and total relief within a week of using the Fanny Classic Bidet.

Quick and Easy Setup

The Fanny Classic Bidet fits on all standard toilets and attaches quickly in three simple steps. Just unscrew the toilet seat, pop the bidet on, connect to water, and you're done. It doesn't require a plumber or an electrician. There are no wires or batteries to deal with.

The Fanny Classic Bidet prevents toilet clogs and the need for using a plunger because it eliminates the need to use toilet paper.

Once the bidet is installed, you can set the water temperature, pressure, and the nozzle direction to your preference. Transform bathroom experience in as little as 7 minutes!

Save Paper and Save Money

Currently, Americans spend of $6 billion a year on toilet paper. On average, each of us use 57 squares a day and 50 pounds a year. Think about it... toilet paper is light... and we are using 50 pounds of it each year. Think about all the trees that are cut down each year just to make butt wipe paper.

It's an insane amount! And how much money are you spending on 50lbs of toilet paper each year? $50? $75? $100? We're talking EACH AND EVERY YEAR!

So it makes sen for the environment and your pocket to kick toilet paper to the curb and switch to the hygienic solution and use the Fanny Classic Bidet.

Customer Reviews

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3 weeks


Fanny Classic Bidet


Fanny Classic Bidet


It was a great experience I enjoyed It


I love it and it's a very easy install. My wife installed it when I was at work.

You'll never want to use another toilet ever again!

Get the Fanny Classic Bidet for yourself, your partner and your family today, and join over 40,000+ bidet owners worldwide.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What Our Customers Have to Say

Is it easy to install the bidet?

Yes, the bidet can be installed on any standard toilet seat in under 10 minutes with simple hand tools (if needed).

Can I control the water pressure?

Yes, the Fanny Bidet Attachment allows you manually adjust the pressure to your liking.

How clean will the bidet get me?

Very clean, water is the most natural and effective way to clean yourself. There will not be any residue like toilet paper leaves.

Does the bidet require electricity?

No, there is no electrical work involved.

Can children also use a bidet?

Absolutely, this is a safer alternative for children by preventing and healing rashes or infections. Parents also encourage using a bidet for potty-training.

Will the bidet be safe for both men and women to use?

Yes, with the adjustable nozzle you can set the direction of the water to spray exactly where you want it to making it a perfect choice for both men and women.

Are there any health benefits associated with bidets?

Yes, the use of a bidet instead of toilet paper can provide relief for those who suffer from: Crohn’s Disease, Hemorrhoids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Colitis.

Can the bidet help prevent any health related conditions?

Yes, bidets can help prevent the following conditions: hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal itching, urinary tract infection, rashes, and even constipation.

Will a bidet help with UTI?

Yes, using a bidet regularly can help prevent urinary tract infections by flushing out the bacteria that would normally remain. The fresh, clean feeling after using a bidet also has the added benefit of encouraging better health.

Are bidets more sanitary than wet wipes?

Yes, using a bidet means you don’t have to use your hands to wipe preventing the risk of spreading germs and bacteria. Wet wipes are also known to clog toilets.

Can I adjust the direction that the water sprays?

Yes, you can set the nozzle to spray exactly where you want it to for the perfect wash every time.

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